Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dharma Mittra 'Sacred Techniques for Awakening' : Recap 2015 Yoga Journal Live NYC

To attend Dharma Mittra's 'Sacred Tecniques for Awakening' at Yoga Journal Live Conference NYC was to experience darshan.   Darshan, ( Sanskrit: “auspicious viewing”) , also spelled darshana,  in Hindu worship, the beholding of a deity (especially in image form), revered person, or sacred object.

The wisdom that this Yoga master exudes from his 70 plus years on the planet was so revered by me.  Being in the presence of what totally feels light hearted authentic teaching with an emphasis on spirituality and compassion. He adjusted me deeper into my twists and magically into smooth head stands.

It is my greatest joy to share with the students this knowledge that I have acquired over the past 50 years of practice and study. Dharma Yoga will give one’s body the power and strength to have resistance to common illnesses and diseases. With proper encouragement and increased faith in the teacher, one can improve his physical body and mental attitude rapidly, thereby igniting the higher motives of making one’s self useful to himself and all mankind. (Sri Dharma Mittra)

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