Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inagural NYC Yoga Journal Conference - Day 1 of 5

I arrived at the Business of Yoga Workshop (Part 1) at around 11am. I missed the first two presentations with Bill Harper, publisher, Yoga Journal and Connie Chan, founder, Levitate Yoga. I was happy to catch Connie Chan in the lobby. I met Connie in 2007 in times square for the Yoga in Times Square celebration. Check out the video clip from 2007 -

She reminded me to spread the word, it is truly a transcendental experience. This year the Yoga in Times Square will take place, Sunday, June 21, 2009. I will be there for the morning session. Sign up at

I walked in on Bob Murphy, CSMO, Mindbody, Inc "Creating a Viable Studio" He was discussing the biz of yoga. Some of the highlights of the discussion included:
*Determine what you want.
*Create goals with actions
*Budget and monitor
*Have the life you want.

Sales Specialist, Tiffany Baker, gave a great demonstration of the software. I am curious about how it can work with the programming / video on demand for Yoga Flava TV. They suggested I check out their client's business module - Core Power Yoga.
I will certainly be checking them out further. MindBody has a booth at the Conference.

The next speaker was Leonard D. Easter, Esq. He shook us up with the legal issues that are currently being questioned in the Yoga community. He advised us to focus on a business plan that is clear, direct and simple. In addition to a good lawyer, have a good accountant. If you are just started out, several law firms, business schools and retired executive are available to help start-up companies. I got on the mailing list and will keep everyone informed about the on going legal developments in the Yoga community.

After being shook up by the attorney, we were calmed down and connected to spirit with Ganesh Das (aka Carlos Menjivar) managing director, Jivamukti Yoga. "Building Community with Yoga." He started with a much needed Meditation. Highlights of his lecture were based on principles from the Bagavagita:
*No difference between the spiritual and the biz of yoga.
*Everything is an extension of thr spiritual life.
*Create success for the people in your business.
*Everything has a mutually beneficial relationship.
*What is our purpose and what is our intention.
*Be clear about what success means to us.
*Want to be wealthy so that I can share it with others!
*Be indifferent toward the wicked.
*Live simply so that others can simply live.
*Money if a form of energy.
*The only way you are going to be happy is to make others happy.
*Business is a perfect way of working your Karma out.

He recommended a book "The Diamond Cutter" (Buddist principles in business)

I met some new friends: Suzanne Girard Foote, Founder and Director of New Mother Yoga and Wellness ( and Ardie Cowlah Hollander (, who got me excited about a t-shirt that has a video screen.

It was a great way to end the first day of the Business of Yoga Workshop. I look forward to tomorrow.

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  1. Namaste Robin!

    Thanks for this post! I just recently started teaching HATHA and Sivananda yoga, after practicing for 9 years. It has changed my life and now I am in the process of building a yoga business.

    Another helpful mentor for me, has been Jason Campbell of Zenbusiness Boot Camp in Phoenix, AZ. If you contact he or his assistant Gileana, tell them you spoke with Robyn in South Florida. They've given fantastic advice for yoga studios and instructors.

    Thanks for all you do. It is very inspiring!!