Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Opportunities With The Yoga Flava Brand (Advertise / Sponsor)

In 2012, I am partnering with advertisers and sponsors who recognize the opportunity to cross-promote as we continue to bring you the Yoga Flava lifestyle brand.  We are syndicating  Yoga Flava TV through various major digital outlets.  The blog, newsletter and web site YogaFlava.com continues to build an audience.

I’ve signed up for Blogads, which allows advertisers to order advertising here with just three clicks. You will be able to support this site by clicking over to my blog advertising form and
forwarding it to friends and colleagues who want to reach readers like you.   The journey continues . . .

Sending positive vibes - Yoga Flava with Robin Downes

3 Action Steps to Release Worry And Enjoy Living

Robin Downes of Yoga Flava, ice skating at Bryant Park In NYC
1. Act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic.

This is a quote from motivational author / speaker, Dale Carnegie.  Cultivate a positive, optimistic attitude by examining where you're already enthusiastic. Meditate upon your current enthusiasm and positive spirits a few times a day. Over time, you should find your enthusiasm increasing.

2.  Plan your life -  day by day - hour by hour 

Set your intentions and goals and then break down the action steps day by day and then hour by hour.  I use my calendar in my phone to plan the segments of my day and get alerts that remind me to stay on course.

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Stay on course and avoid distractions, as best you can.

Intend to have an enjoyable life - practice enjoying your life, an ever evolving process.

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3. Continue educating yourself.

Sometimes, worry develops from simply not knowing what to do.  In the age of "Google" - just google it - to find the answer to your problems.  Otherwise, read a book on the subject, check out a video, attend a class, seminar or workshop.  Keep seeking solutions to your questions / problems.

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