Monday, August 19, 2013

4 Tips For Summer Spirit Revitalization

Approaching the end of August, the enthusiasm I had at the beginning of summer is waning.  There are a few more official weeks to enjoy Summer, which ends for some on Labor Day - 2nd of September or officially September 21st. 

I've recently had two deaths in the family that were announced in two consecutive days and that stopped me ...  in my tracks.  My next post will focus on tools to cope with grieving. 

Today, I am getting back on track with this "4 Tips For Summer Spirit Revitalization."  Let's focus on bringing new life and vigor to the rest of the summer.

1. Plan A Vacation or Staycation
  • Have you made your plans for Labor Day Weekend?  
  • Have you been to the beach this summer?  
  • Have you had a picnic / Bar-B-Q in the park / backyard?
2.  Get Up Early, Get Out and Get Moving
  • The lazy days of summer might have kept you inside with the air conditioner.
  • Have you done your Yoga / Meditation practice outside.
  • If you can't get out at least get moving via Skype Yoga Flava
3. Keep It Fresh
4. Unplug
  • Take a break, connect with friends and family in person - what a concept :-)

Practice this "Aura Energizer" to get the slump out of your back (mind and spirit).  Check out the Yoga Flava TV Snack to revitalize yourself:

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