Friday, June 3, 2016

Time To Align With Summer Solstice 2016 - Yoga Flava Style!

It's time to align with a new season, I love the feeling of being in sync with the sunrise on the summer solstice in Times Square.

Being in alignment with the different seasons and the patterns of nature, and by syncing with their rhythm, we too can tap into our own unique flow.

Doing this allows us to maximize our potential and helps to bring a sense of belonging into our world. Summer can be an exciting time to renew, grow, expand, change and refresh our being.

If we use this time wisely, we too can cultivate our own sense of abundance and possibility.

Here is one of my favorite Videos for Strong Summer Arms. Check it out and subscribe to Yoga Flava TV:

Here are 6 Ways To Prepare For The Perfect Yogic Summer !

1. Diet

Help out bodies transcend out of winter mode, by eating a healthy fresh balanced diet, which includes getting plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Drinking lots of water and herbal teas also help to give the body a boost. summer is the time to cleanse, so make the most of all the wonderful foods around at this time.

2. Breathe

Think of all the pollution and pollen in the air. By adopting an ancient yoga breathing technique known as Kabalbati we can cleanse the lungs physically, giving them a summer clean. Kabalbati is also said to help release old stuck emotions. After all, to allow in the new we need to make space by clearing out anything that doesn’t serve us. Method: sit up tall, crossing the legs at the shins or sit on a chair if you have knee problems. Remember to relax the face and jaw. Take a deep inhalation through the nostrils then, exhale starting a pumping action from below the navel. As you exhale you draw in the belly. If you are doing this right the inhalation will occur naturally as all you have to do is focus on the exhalation. Do this for a mental count of between15- 25 repetitions with the eyes closed and between each set take five slow deep breaths. Repeat several times and build up the time gradually.

3. Walking

Walking can also be used as an active meditation. Method: Try walking for twenty minutes either in nature or in a park if you live in a city. For the first ten minutes use all you senses as you move. Be very aware of how you are walking, feel each footstep, stand tall and ask yourself how the air smells, what does it tastes like? What does the ground feel like to touch, what noises do you hear and what can you see?
For the last ten minutes is more about going within. Use your breathing to help you with this. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly through the nose. Feel what it feels like to be within your own body, your own flesh and skin, and be as present to this as you can as you make your steps.
Walking is a good pastime to get new ideas for any projects or plans you have.
It can also help to journal your experiences.

4. Make a dream board

Method: Find all your old magazines, a large sheet of paper or card, some scissors and glue. Sit quietly and ask your higher self what you would really like out of life. Imagine yourself achieving this. Take your time. Try not to wish for just more money (if that is what you feel you are lacking) but rather tap into the feeling of what that would mean for you, e.g. a sense of being financially secure or perhaps freedom. Slowly enjoy the process as you find pictures that resonate. If you desire is to have a new relationship or job then again think of what that feels and means for you. A good idea is to put the board somewhere you can see it every morning so
that you can start to imagine the life you would like. It works well if you also remember to express gratitude for what you already have.

5. Yoga twists

Yoga twists detoxify the internal organs as well as giving the back and the abs a good stretch. Never do twists if you think you may be pregnant or have blood pressure problems.
Warm up with the breath exercise, followed by some sun salutations and then sit tall on a yoga mat.

Method for Marichyasana III
Sit up with the legs extended in front of you. Make sure the chest is lifted and if you find it hard to sit this way, then sit on a block. Bottom leg is straight and not collapsing inwards.

Bend the right leg and cross it over the extended left leg so the foot is on floor as close to the other leg as comfortable. Flex the extended foot and ground the body on the floor as you lengthen the spine upwards. Inhale and as you exhale bend the left elbow bringing the arm in front of the bent right thigh. Inhale and lengthen as you twist the torso to look over right shoulder. Make sure your neck is long so you are not sticking the chin out too much. Keeping this shape press the figure tips of the left hand to the floor with the arm extended behind you. With each breath feel as if the torso lengthens and with each exhalation you surrender a bit further into the pose. Then hold comfortably for five breaths. Come out gently and repeat on the other side.

6. Start a new hobby or join a new group

Nothing develops us more than trying something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone is great for personal development. It helps to build courage. If you are short of time perhaps free up some space by dropping something that no longer serves you. If you need a little inspiration see the website for ideas.
Finding your natural rhythm can help you to feel renewed, refreshed and put a summer back into in your step. Enjoy!

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