Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meditation Minute: Feel Rich Now [VIDEO]

Yoga Flava TV is now a part of the Feel Rich TV network on YouTube.  Feel Rich is the first-ever multicultural health, fitness, beauty, and motivation network on YouTube. This innovative network has aggregated the top YouTube personalities that help shape and influence today’s urban market.  Feel Rich believes that today’s YouTube personalities are tomorrow’s role models for the community.

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Meditation Minute: Feel Rich Now, is a guided meditation with Yoga Flava instructor Robin Downes. Embracing the concept of prosperity consciousness stillness. Ms. Downes prepares you for the meditation with the proper seated posture. Then with her soothing voice you ease into stillness for exactly one minute.  Check out the video and make sure to leave a comment, like, share and subscribe to the Yoga Flava TV Channel on YouTube:

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The Feel Rich Network has an aggregated viewership of nearly 90 million views, 4 million unique monthly views and close to 400K subscribers

To properly prepare for meditation a consistent Yoga practice helps. Order you DVD "Yoga Flava for Relaxation" for a one hour long session, which is appropriate for beginners.

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