Saturday, May 26, 2012

Excuse Me, Your Yoga Pants Are See Through.

Much to my dismay my students are showing up with inappropriate yoga pants!  Not just my students, I'm walking down the street and clearly seeing not just panty lines, but the color of the entire panty, thong and / or private parts.  Is anyone addressing this issue - some yogis wear see through clothes and really need to check themselves.  Do you speak up when you see someone overexposed?

In addition to teaching asana, I sincerely feel I need to educate my students on how to find the yoga gear that is appropriate for their body type, fashion, environment and budget.

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Check For Appropriate Yoga Pants

- Make sure you are wearing sturdy opaque Yoga pants. Be careful not to mistake "leggings" for Yoga pants. Leggings are usually sheer and generally designed to be worn under a long shirt or dress. Test your Yoga pants by bending over and looking in the mirror to make sure you cannot see through.

- If you do where underpants, make sure it is the same color as your pants.  A floral print under already challenged sheer pants draws so much more unwarranted attention.

- Wear layers. You may choose to wear form fitting Yoga clothing, which helps to see your alignment as we go through the poses in practice. After practice walking through the streets and stores, you may want to wear a long T-shirt or sweater for modest coverage.

Suggestions for appropriate Yoga pants:

Hyde Yoga
Pictured above is the Kit Kat tank top and the Engineered Pant.  (Loving them!)
15% off fabulous organic Hyde Yoga gear when you use the promo code: yogaflava


Hard Tail
Check out the following Yoga Flava Video Snack that features me in Hard Tail yoga gear.

Check out the following Urban Fusion Promo that features the host, Zuli Nauzo, and myself in Lululemon yoga gear.


Pictured below in our Prana gear are the presenters from Yoga Retreat For Women Of Color

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Moon: New Perspective

Yoga Flava with Robin Downes
Whenever I want to give myself a fresh start, I turn my body—and my perspective—upside down. Inversions are magnificent for shaking loose worn out ways of looking at things.

Around May 20 in sync with the "New Moon /Solar Eclipse"at 0 degrees Gemini – happens at 7:23 pm EDT // 4:23 pm PST, It is a time to set new intentions and prepare for transformation.  Invite in new awareness by practicing poses such as
Plow Pose, Headstand, Handstand and Shoulderstand.

Spring Into Summer With Yoga Flava!

This new moon solar eclipse occurs in Taurus—Gemini (Vedic astrology or Jyotish, and Western astrology, respectively). These signs are connected with the throat, neck, and shoulders.  It’s a prime time to strengthen and release tension in these areas of the body. Also beware of “shouldering” too much responsibility; remember that grace and good luck are readily available now; let down some of the load and breathe freely.
To experience release in the shoulders, explore seated versions of Cow Face Pose and Eagle Pose, keeping your focus on the shoulders.
The darkness of the new moon solar eclipse is also an apt time to honor your inextinguishable inner sun by chanting the Gayatri mantra, “a prayer to divine light.”
To this prayer, I add these intentions specifically for this new moon solar eclipse:
May all the changes we experience at this time be benevolent and filled with grace. 
May we usher in good health and well-being, supportive communities, and loving kindness for all. 
May our practices be inspired by the gentle guidance of the sun and moon.
Namasté. (Excerpted from Yoga Journal)

Good Scents provides a "New Moon" meditation oil. A blend of proprietary essential oils in a base of jojoba and fractionated coconut oils. May 20th is the "New Moon" you may sense a re-balancing needs to occur with the planetary phase that we are in. As with all "Good Scents blends, these oils are tuned with planetary chimes and gongs and infused with crystal essences. Inhale, relax, and enjoy!


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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Into Summer 2012 With Yoga Flava!

Countdown to the Summer Solstice 2012:
Let's get ready for summer together!

Sunday Series in the Park & Penthouse After Glow Mixer

Yoga Flava in the Park: On Sundays, I have space for exactly 6 people to join me for a group session in Riverside Park. If it rains we can do meditation and pranayama in the Penthouse. The group will gather in the lobby of 235 W. 102nd Street (Between B'way and West End Ave.) in time for departure to the park at exactly 11:00am. We will enjoy Yoga in the Park from 11:15am - 12:15pm

Penthouse After Glow: 12:30pm - 1:30pm After the Yoga Flava session in the park, join me at the Penthouse to reflect and refresh. Once again only space for 6 people at a time and your name with be at the front desk for security. Bring your own Water, Juice, Healthy Snack. (Perhaps we can coordinate Pot Luck)

May 20th
May 27th
June 3rd
June 10th
June 17th

Please click here that you want to "join" this event. Make the investment in yourself with one of the recession buster prices. Email me so that I can send you your invoice to process the payment to:

$50.00 for the full series up front (5 sessions for $10.00 each)
$15.00 per drop in session.

For group session details on Facebook:

Private sessions available (in person or via skype) for $100.00 for series of 4.
Single private session (in person or via skype) $30.00
For private session details on Facebook:

I will be attending the first morning session to bring in the Summer Solstice in Times Square.  Space is filling up fast, let me know if you can join me:   
Enjoy this Yoga Flava TV video snack with highlights of the 2011 Yoga in Times Square!

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Yoga Flava in Times Square and Up In The Club 2007

Enjoy the journey!
Not just YOGA also the FLAVA of life!

Mid-Spring Yoga Flava Reflections 2012

2012 Yoga Retreat For Women of Color :
Angela Fears, Robin Downes, Maya Breuer
and Gail Parker. Yoga gear courtesy PrAna.

The "Yoga Retreat For Women Of Color": Stir Up The Pot, Bring On The Light! at the Kripalu Center (May 4 - 6th) As a co-presenter, the retreat provided me with the much needed platform to nurture and be nurtured by like minded women. People may ask why do women of color need a separate retreat - isn't it all yoga?  My answer is - - -  isn't all music, just music?  The difference is the artist talent and cultural interpretation.  Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You" moved me in a different way than the original creator's version by Dolly Parton.

The retreat provided the Yogini wisdom of Maya Breuer to her soulfully jazzy soundtrack. Maya surprised and delighted us with a jazzy vocal serenade!   The food for thought came from Angela Fears with a stimulating discussion on Integrating Nutrition: The Yoga of Healthy Eating .  The psychology of "Taking Yoga Off The Mat" from Gail Parker. I provided the Goddess Grooves - Yoga Flava style!  We stirred it up and mother nature bought out the light with a rare "Super Moon".

At the retreat we learned:
*How-to focus on yourself and rediscover who you are
*The practice of Sacred Rhythm Yoga
*Holistic tools for coping with stress
*How to integrate yoga into your daily life.

For over 15 years I have trusted the path of yoga and simply invited people to join me.  The retreat reflected back to me how far I have traveled on the path.  My recent 52nd birthday celebration was met by awe and accolades from my sisters of color, who commented on my youthful appearance and vitality. I was able to proudly tell them it is the result of my Yogic lifestyle!

Yes, it's been non-stop since I really did "Spring It On" the end of March and have a lot to share since then.  There are several Yoga Flava reports that I will be sharing shortly.

At the Yoga Journal Conference in New York I was introduced to the detox drink "Rebootizer", a powerful antioxidant instant drink made of natural detoxifying fruit and plant extracts.

At the Green Festival in New York I teamed up with "ElectroYoga", practice takes place in dark, with glow bracelets, flashing lights and a live D.J.  Looking forward to this as Yoga Flava Springs Into Summer with private sessions in person, on Skype or in a group in the park.  Countdown to the Summer Solstice In Times Square.   I signed up for the first session of the day.  Let me know if you will be there then so we can meet up!  email:

I'm working on editing all the great video footage that I have captured thus far for spring.  In the meantime, check out this Yoga Flava TV clip for last year's Yoga Journal Convention in New York that includes yoginis Maya Breuer and Faith Hunter:

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2012 Yoga Retreat For Women of Color :
Angela Fears, Robin Downes, Maya Breuer
and Gail Parker. Yoga gear courtesy PrAna.