Wednesday, April 28, 2021

CANCELLED - INVITE: Saturday, May 1, 2021 - LIVE Chair Yoga Session [VIDEO]


Thank you so much for signing up for the Yoga Flava / Chair yoga session, scheduled for today ato 11am est.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, I will need to reschedule. In the meantime, please make sure you like the Yoga Flava Facebook page and sign up for the newsletter at

I welcome all questions and comments so that I can be of the best service for you.

Robin Downes
Join us Saturday, May 1, 2021 from 11am - 12pm  Here is the link to the event >

ON-LINE - Robin Downes of Yoga Flava guides you through a chair yoga session.

You can view live from Facebook or you can receive Zoom access and work alongside with me after purchasing. 

In case you missed it check out Robin Downes of Yoga Flava on "The Doctors"

Join us 

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Monday, April 26, 2021

INVITE: Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 4pm EST. - Caregivers Embracing Eldercare


JOIN US >>> Our Special Guest: Lou George, aka Bow Legged Lou.

Link to event: 

Today we're talking to Lou George aka Bowlegged Lou. He is a member of an award-winning performing group, producer, and songwriter. You may recognize him from his work in House Party 1&2 (1990), Coach Carter (2005), and The Meyerowitz Stories (2017).
But most importantly, he is here to share his caregiving journey with his mother with us. Mr. George has been her primary caregiver for many years now and has a few tips to share with our audience.

I'm going live using StreamYard! Before leaving a comment, please grant StreamYard permission to see your name at

Join the private group:

We will be discussing the caregiving journey.
ourse you only get one mom… right?! So why not make sure she lives the rest of her days living her best life!

Caregivers Embracing Elder Care

Hosted by
Nurse and Geriatric Care Manager, Bahamia Ulysse aka Nurse In The Know and
Emmy Award Winner, Robin Downes of Yoga Flava

NEW YORK, NY. A spinoff from the Sunday live Facebook private group sessions about the challenges of modern day elder care. The follow up resource for the soon to be released documentary “Yoga Flava: The Silva Edition”. A new course will be available online offering a fresh approach to elder care, while honoring the needs of the caregiver.

About Bahamia Ulysse

Owner of Give Care. Take Care. - a boutique Geriatric Care Management agency. Through her 15-yearlong nursing career, she discovered that once a caregiver has the right knowledge, resources, and support, they are fully empowered and equipped to embrace their caregiving journey. Nurse In The Know is the social media figure Bahamia employs to raise awareness about elder care issues. She creates curated content about managing the care of aging parents while incorporating essential self-care practices as the caregiver. Her vision is for caregivers to experience a more whole and fulfilling journey in their caregiving season.

About Robin Downes

A 1981 Emmy Award winning journalist “Outstanding Individual Achievement in National News and Documentary” “ABC News 20/20”. Since 1996, she is Hollywood’s certified Yoga instructor to the stars with clients such as Vanessa Williams, Brandy, John Salley, LisaRaye McCoy and Russell Simmons, to name a few. In 2004, she became the first African American woman to have an internationally distributed video through Wal-Mart (Yoga Flava for Relaxation, Vol.1). Awarded The “Trailblazer In Yoga” award by the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers. Currently, in Post Production on her documentary “Yoga Flava: The Silva Lining featuring saving her 86 year old father, SGM William Downes, USA, RET.

Join us 

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