Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Teaching Guided Relaxation [VIDEO]

I have the opportunity to provide Yoga teacher training for Aubry Bright. Aubry is currently the Recreational Director for NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.  Starting in the Fall she will be the Personal Trainer at Le Soleil d'Or . Golden Sun - Cayman Luxury Rentals.

Due to the fact that I have a limited amount of time with Aubry, I meditated on what would be the most important tools that I can share.

Most people when they go on vacation want to relax and renew.  I wanted to compliment Aubry's solid background in physical fitness with the aspects that make Yoga special which is help with relieving stress, specifically guided relaxation and meditation.

The reference material is of course the DVD Yoga Flava For Relaxation Volume 1 and the Audio CD Exhale With Robin Downes

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