Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Greetings Yoga Flava Playas,

Thank you for joining me on the Yoga Flava journey. It has been over a decade and I continue to develop and produce classes, workshops, retreats, CDs, DVDs, Video Snacks, Radio Snacks, Blogs and I am currently a distributor of wellness products to support your health and wealth. Please review the following products and make the investment toward your well being by supporting me to continue to be of service to like minded individuals like you that are attracted to this information.

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I look sincerely forward to your thoughts and testimonials.

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Robin Downes
Yoga Flava

"Robin's voice is so soothing. it's her soulfully artistic style of teaching Yoga that adds the flava." - Vanessa Williams, Actress. Listen at home at your convenience, while you are guided through two restorative and meditative sessions. Excellent for beginners, simply lie back and relax.
This CD will help you to reach the ultimate level of inner peace and enhance one's level of self love and tranquility which leads to happiness and bliss.
$20.00 plus shipping and handling

YOGA FLAVA for Relaxation (DVD)

The original session that put Robin Downes on the Map! Soulful rrooves with ancient healing moves as Robin Downes guides you through a gentle yoga session appropriate for everyone.  Featuring introduction with John Salley and interview with Russell Simmons.
"Robin's style is gentle with detailed instructions on the practice of yoga.  I practice yoga because it benefits me physically, mentally and spiritually" - Russell Simmons, Multi-meda Hip Hop Mogul.  Have the experience - Order today! 

$25.00 plus shipping and handling

SPIRiTUAL SPUNK IN THE TRUNK - DVD Join Robin Downes and the Wordsmith Out of Watts, Ali Bey, as they explore Tree Pose.  Tree Pose is a wonderful posture that creates balance in your body and mind as you secure a meditative state.
"Prepare for a serenity-inducing, transformative journey back to your roots" - Heart and Soul Magazine "Soul Position"
Join us on the journey.
$20.00 plus shipping and handling

Order Your Copy for the investment of only $20.00 plus shipping and handling

Here is a excerpt:

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Prosperity consciousness is my foundation - Prosperity in health, relationships and yes cash flow. 

As always sending positive and prosperous vibes to Elev8 - Robin Downes


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