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Autumn Equinox - Global Mala Project 2007


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Transition to Fall 2007 - The recent Global Mala Project brought in the Autumn Equinox, check out the above video. Autumn Equinox is a time of re-balancing after intensive work, of inward turning as well as celebration!

Global Mala Project - Rise! Yoga as Peace in Action(

Event Review written by: Zane Helberg ( for Yoga Flava News. (
Global Mala wins my peace award for Los Angeles this year by a mile. What a wonderful experience. I arrived not knowing what to expect. When I got inside the positive energy bit me like a bug and neither I nor my camera man could wipe the grins off our faces as we engulfed ourselves in probably the healthiest day of our lives. I’m new to the Yoga world and after this weekend I am sold.

Yogini, Shiva Rea (, is the catalyst for the Global Mala Project. Check out her Yoga Flava News interview above, with Yogini/Reporter, Robin Downes (

The enormous hall was filled corner to corner with vendors, all promoting healthy environment friendly products and services. In the center of the gathering was a concert stage with bands playing peaceful meditative music while listeners relaxed on yoga mats preparing for the next yoga lesson to take place shortly on the same stage. Shiva Rea did an excellent job putting together a wonderful festival and the stamina for leading 108 sun salutations! She is constantly on the forefront of the Yoga for Peace movement.

The vendors promoting at this event were great. The no pressure atmosphere allowed the attendees to calmly roam through the maze of booths and test the many herbal juices, healthy snacks, healing perfumes, energy pills, Korean Ki energy massage, and chair and foot massages in a mobile full service day spa.

Hardtail Forever

It was wonderful catching up with C.E.O. Dick Cantrell who was a gold sponsor for the event. Dick has been a huge supporter of Yoga Flava and sponsored the wardrobe for the Yoga Flava DVD vol. 2 “Spiritual Spunk in the Trunk.” Hardtail Forever is a company that understands real value in giving back to the community, and Yoga Flava thanks Dick Cantrell for the amazing pieces.

Ki Health Energy

Ki Treatment is an ancient Korean form of revitalization combined with acupressure that releases tension. The group of experts from Ki Health Energy was gracious enough to give the Yoga Flava News crew complimentary treatments lasting 15 minutes that earned them the spotlight of the month. The Ki treatment released tension immediately, but the full effects were not felt until days later. It was great. All week I felt more natural energy flowing my body. You can find them in Los Angeles at 11543 w. Olimpic blvd. Los Angeles, Ca 90064. I highly recommend this treatment.

Dragon herbs

Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs earns the “Best Tasting” honor for their awesome herbal drink samples. Dragon Herbs are Chinese Tonic Herbs and it seems like there is a tonic for everyone. Some boost energy while others remove toxins from the body and allow for more mental and physical clarity. Ron Teeguarden was great to meet. He is always a strong supporter of charity events. Dragon Herbs can be found at

Until we meet again, practice with Robin Downes' Yoga Flava latest video. Volume 2. "Spiritual Spunk in The Trunk" 30 minute exploration into the standing meditative posture of Tree Pose. Done to spoken work with The Wordsmith Outta Watts. Yoga instruction by Robin Downes. $25.00 includes the cost of shipping and handling.

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