Monday, August 23, 2010



Cran-Aloe is a smooth, refreshing, healthy drink, a combination of Aloe Vera and Cranberry Juice, and contains natural antioxidants. One glass of Cran-Aloe contains an equivalent amount of antioxidants as a plate of fruit and vegetables.


* Strengthens and stimulates the immune system,
* Helps fortify the respiratory system
* Helps alleviate asthma
* Helps relieve gastritis, ulcers, acid reflux
* Regulates the intestinal tract and relieves constipation
* Helps lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose
* Helps to protect the heart and blood vessels
* Helps increase circulation and counteracts the damaging effects of free radicals
* Helps reduce inflammation in the urinary tract and reduces the urine odor
* Reduces inflammation from arthritis
* Helps accelerate the production of calcium and phosphorous in bone fractures.

Serving Suggestion: Mix 2 tablespoons with 7 oz. of water or juice. Can be taken before, during, or after meals.

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