Monday, August 23, 2010

Plan To Cleanse & Detoxify For Autumn 2010

Staying Healthy With The Seasons.

We need to incorporate nature's cycles with our own cycles. I want to encourage you to prepare for the change of season by planning your cleanse and detoxification program.

The seasonal cycle is really the most important in regard to natural detoxification periods. If we can harmonize with these, we can do much to stay healthy.

The seasonal changes are the key stress times in nature and the times where we most need to lighten up our outer demands and consumptions and turn more within to listen to our inner world that mirrors the natural cycles. Autumn is the key time for detoxification. At least a one- to two-week program is suggested at these times. In autumn we may dine on other harvests, such as apples or grapes, and the many vegetables.

7-10 day cleanse between September 11 and October 5, such as:

* Grape fast--whole and juiced--grapes, all fresh.
* Apple and lemon juice together, diluted.
* Fresh fruits and vegetables, raw and cooked.
* Fruit and vegetable juices--fruit in the morning, vegetables in the afternoon.
* Juices plus spirulina, algae, or other green chlorophyll powders.
* Whole grains, cooked squashes and other vegetables (a lighter detox).
* Mixture of the above plans.
* Basic low-toxicity diet with herbal program.
* Colon detox with fiber (psyllium, pectin, and so on) along with enemas or colonics.
* Preparing and planning new autumn diet, enhancing positive dietary habits.

The following products I recommend to support you with your detoxification program for the entire Autumn Season From Sept. 21 - December 21:

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1. Ultra Cleanse
2. Super Digestive Support / Pro-Digest
3. Cran-Aloe
4. Triple Life Line / Omega 3-6-9

You can order separately or commit to a customized wellness package by consulting directly with me for step by step De-tox coaching support

It would not be appropriate for those with deficiency problems such as extreme fatigue, underweight people, those who experience coldness, or those with heart weakness. There are even more contraindications for fasting, which releases more toxins than this program does. Releasing too much toxicity can make many sick people sicker; if that happens, they will need to increase fluids and eat again until they feel better. People with cancer need to be very careful about how they detoxify. Prior to or just after surgery is not a good time to detoxify, but after healing, say about four to six weeks later. Pregnant or lactating women should not do any heavy detoxification, though they can usually handle mild programs.

Fall is the traditional harvest season. Some of the fruits and vegetables that may be used include:

Fall Vegetables

* beets
* broccoli
* brussels sprouts
* cabbage
* celery
* garlic
* kale
* mustard greens
* parsley
* spinach
* cauliflower
* onion
* swiss chard
* squash

Fall Fruit

* apple
* pear
* grape

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