Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moving Past The Challenges To Gain Vibrational Alignment

Be careful what you ask for. . .


I carefully asked for Vibrational Alignment for my Autumn Retreat and it was not exactly as I pictured and there were some challenges on the path - - - however - - - I did successfully achieve my goal of vibrational alignment.  With a clearer understanding that "Vibrational Alignment" is an ever evolving process - - - moment by moment.

I found myself in a situation with a person that was exuding negativity and I had to call upon my inner peace and inner strength to move me toward positivity.  Then to lock into the positive vibration without being pulled down to their negative alignment.  The negative contrast provided the celerity for my vibrational alignment. 
The more you practice getting and being in alignment the clearer and stronger you become at it.  Practice being in a good feeling place or your alignment will decline with age.

How Do We Know We Are In "Vibrational Alignment"?
Simply put - we feel good!

How Do We Know We Are Out of "Vibrational Alignment"?
Simply put - We don't feel good - sort of out of sync.
Things are not flowing easily.  There is tension and miscommunication.
Mother nature balances things out!
Sometimes we erupt like a volcano - releasing pent up tension.   Sometimes that lava burns and kills everything in it's path.  Otherwise, that release sometimes creates a new island and / or environment for new things to thrive.  Each is an example of nature's vibrational alignment and we have the responsibility to be conscious of what our energies (thoughts, words, emotions, feelings and actions) align with.

Stay positive with these 4 tips for Vibrational Alignment:

1. Strengthen the mind by reading uplifting, positive, life affirming literature.

2. Choose your own truths and not what others define to be true.

3. Realize and respect the power of your thoughts.

4. Create a vision board or video like the one below that reflects images of the things you want.

Act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic!

Affirmation: Prosperity is my divine birthright!

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Sending positive vibes - - - Robin

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