Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 Action Steps to Release Worry And Enjoy Living

Robin Downes of Yoga Flava, ice skating at Bryant Park In NYC
1. Act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic.

This is a quote from motivational author / speaker, Dale Carnegie.  Cultivate a positive, optimistic attitude by examining where you're already enthusiastic. Meditate upon your current enthusiasm and positive spirits a few times a day. Over time, you should find your enthusiasm increasing.

2.  Plan your life -  day by day - hour by hour 

Set your intentions and goals and then break down the action steps day by day and then hour by hour.  I use my calendar in my phone to plan the segments of my day and get alerts that remind me to stay on course.

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Stay on course and avoid distractions, as best you can.

Intend to have an enjoyable life - practice enjoying your life, an ever evolving process.

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3. Continue educating yourself.

Sometimes, worry develops from simply not knowing what to do.  In the age of "Google" - just google it - to find the answer to your problems.  Otherwise, read a book on the subject, check out a video, attend a class, seminar or workshop.  Keep seeking solutions to your questions / problems.

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