Saturday, May 26, 2012

Excuse Me, Your Yoga Pants Are See Through.

Much to my dismay my students are showing up with inappropriate yoga pants!  Not just my students, I'm walking down the street and clearly seeing not just panty lines, but the color of the entire panty, thong and / or private parts.  Is anyone addressing this issue - some yogis wear see through clothes and really need to check themselves.  Do you speak up when you see someone overexposed?

In addition to teaching asana, I sincerely feel I need to educate my students on how to find the yoga gear that is appropriate for their body type, fashion, environment and budget.

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Check For Appropriate Yoga Pants

- Make sure you are wearing sturdy opaque Yoga pants. Be careful not to mistake "leggings" for Yoga pants. Leggings are usually sheer and generally designed to be worn under a long shirt or dress. Test your Yoga pants by bending over and looking in the mirror to make sure you cannot see through.

- If you do where underpants, make sure it is the same color as your pants.  A floral print under already challenged sheer pants draws so much more unwarranted attention.

- Wear layers. You may choose to wear form fitting Yoga clothing, which helps to see your alignment as we go through the poses in practice. After practice walking through the streets and stores, you may want to wear a long T-shirt or sweater for modest coverage.

Suggestions for appropriate Yoga pants:

Hyde Yoga
Pictured above is the Kit Kat tank top and the Engineered Pant.  (Loving them!)
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Hard Tail
Check out the following Yoga Flava Video Snack that features me in Hard Tail yoga gear.

Check out the following Urban Fusion Promo that features the host, Zuli Nauzo, and myself in Lululemon yoga gear.


Pictured below in our Prana gear are the presenters from Yoga Retreat For Women Of Color

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