Sunday, September 9, 2012

Deepak Chopra and Me, My Inspirations For The Journey Within

My Spiritual Guru, Deepak Chopra and Me
Recently, I was interviewed by for their YOGIS OF COLOR SERIES.  The first question was "When did yoga enter your life?"  I said 1994, because I was influenced by Deepak Chopra and his clear insight to the journey within.  Initially, I did not understand, at all, how those weird postures could help to still the mind.  Eventually, I learned that when you can release the unconscious tension in the body you can have a greater sense of ease - mind, body and spirit.

"Having the ability to relax, gives you the ease to be dynamic!" - Robin Downes

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For those of you who know me, you know I come from a media background and my inspiration in media is Oprah Winfrey.  I was inspired by my trip to India in 1999.  So I wanted to share with you this link that ties several of my inspirations together:  FULL EPISODE: DEEPAK CHOPRA AND OPRAH IN INDIA "SUPER SOUL SUNDAY"

Deepak and Oprah
Additionally, my skills as an investigative reporter, I continue to research a deeper understanding of yoga and meditation and help to interpret it for others. I had seen an excerpt of this clip previously, and found the full version of this video presentation that I think is the best explanation of meditation. Check out: SPIRITUALITY REALITY POWER OF MEDITATION. 

Robin Downes in India

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Robin and Yogi Horton

As I write this post, my spirit (or perhaps his spirit) reminds me of an early influence toward the inner journey and it was a former fiance, happy go lucky musician named Yogi Horton in 1981 who introduced me to meditation by gifting me a little Self Realization Fellowship meditation booklet.  He was 7 years older than me and explained how prayer and meditation helped to keep him centered while traveling the world as a musician. The seed was planted by Yogi (ironic, but yes his real name) and it was able to bloom with the guidance of Deepak.  Yogi is no longer with us on the physical realm, I am delighted to share his memory so his spirit lives on.  Inspiration is all around us, nurture the seed with a healthy mind, body and spirit so that it can bloom ...

When we die, we just no longer use the body for communication. We all co-exist within each other. We are all one - Deepak Chopra

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My Spiritual Guru, Deepak Chopra and Me

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