Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yoga Retreat For Women of Color 2013 | Maya Breuer | Yoga Flava

I totally enjoyed this year's Yoga Retreat For Women of Color 2013, hosted by Maya Breuer. I was honored to be a presenter and receive all the positive feedback and love from the attendees.

The event was held on May 17 - 19, 2013
The locations was Kripalu Center For Yoga Health in Lenox, Massachusetts.

The presenters included:
Mayer Breuer  - Founder / Director
Robin Downes - Joy of Sensual Healing (Yoga Flava)
Dr. Gail Parker - Play As A Spiritual Practice (Taking Yoga Off Your Mat)
Althea Hughes Wills - Change Your Eating, Change Your Life (The Vegan Mocha Angel)
Betty Singletary - Assistant
Rose Weaver - Assistant

Quote from the retreat:
Sighing and clapping and ...

Check out this Yoga Flava TV Episode: Which features  sit down interview with Robin Downes and Maya Breuer included from never before seen footage from 2011 interview. The interview is  about the importance of exposing yoga to people of color.  The interview was edited with footage from the 2013 Yoga Retreat For Women of Color.

I will be attending the first morning session to bring in the Summer Solstice in Times Square. Space is filling up fast, let me know if you can join me: http://www.timessquarenyc.org/events/solstice-in-times-square/index.aspx

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