Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Clean Your Brain [VIDEO]

I was first introduced to the importance of brain health when I hosted AARP's Staying Sharp In The New Year Party!

With the new season, I thought this would be a great time to encourage you to Spring Clean Your Brain.

Check out this infographic for Steps To Better Brain Health:

The Five Ways to Support Brain Health
AARP Staying Sharp recognizes that many people are proactively working to keep their minds sharp so that they can continue to live active, fulfilling and independent lives. AARP’s analysis of current research suggests that people interested in maintaining and improving their brain health should focus on five areas:
  • Keeping Fit:  Studies show that even small amounts of regular exercise like Yoga and walking can positively impact brain health.
  • Learning More:  Everything from learning a new language or skill to participating in online exercises designed to challenge and test the brain.
  • Managing Stress:  Several studies  indicate sleep and stress management improve brain health. 
  • Eating Right:  Scientific research shows that certain elements in food – from omega-3 fatty acids to vitamin E – can positively impact brain health.
  • Being Social:  Research shows that staying socially connected to other people supports a healthy brain.
Watch this video from Yoga Flava TV with Highlights from my Staying Sharp In The New Year Party!

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