Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Focus Broadcasting Network Signs Yoga Flava TV

Recently, Focus Broadcasting Network signed Yoga Flava TV to be a part of their programming.  Focus Broadcasting Network or (FBN) is a network that shows Video on Demand Content through Roku set top boxes to over the 6 million unique viewers and plans of establishing VOD contract agreements with various National Cable companies are already in the works. “This VOD Platform is paramount especially when discussing the millennials and how the busy working class individual likes to view their content” states Co-CEO Marlon Greer. The other half of the dynamic duo CO-CEO David Finn chimes in with “Families can watch our network together, emphasizing the importance of togetherness and uplifting shows that people can draw from.” These two renaissance men are truly excited about this project and the ability to enhance people’s quality of life through informative and inspirational content.

Currently, Robin Downes, the CEO of Yoga Flava TV is preparing for upcoming episodes that will include the 2015 Yoga Journal Conference in New York City and the Summer Solstice Times Square NYC Weekend Festivities.  

For partnership opportunities and media inquiries please contact Robin Downes via email at robin@yogaflava.com and / or leave a comment below.

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