Friday, April 24, 2015

Sean Corn 'Spirit Speak': Recap 2015 Yoga Journal Live NYC

On Friday, April 24, 2015 I had the pleasure of attending Seane Corn's Full Day Workshop at the Yoga Journal Live Conference In New York City.

Ms. Corn's session was entitled "Spirit Speak" Finding your unique voice as a teacher.  This was perfect for me being an existing Yoga teacher.  She got us right into an asana practice for the 1st part of the day.  For me the session was challenging and invigorating.  The second half of the day was filled with thought provoking discussion.

One point she kept emphasizing was that "Yoga Teachers are so filled with Yoga that it overflows."  She shared her stories about despite the fact she was a strong and flexible Yogini she had to build her communications skills and confidence to teach.  Her style is to be amongst her students, allowing the magic to happen while sifting the energy. Additionally, Ms. Corn expressed that "Yoga is a healing Art. Inspired by whatever moves the individual teacher to be a bridge for the student."


Sean Corn shared the following prayer:
Calling in the God of your understanding... be it higher power, the creative consciousness, mother earth or the holy mother herself.  May this practice be a opportunity for healing and transformation to our mind, body and spirit.  May I step into the sacred world behind my eyes and letting go of human interpretation.  May I embody divine perception which is infinite and limitless.  May this practice be blessed and may the energy that is cultivated in all of our hearts be offered outward in prayer for equality, freedom shifts and peace for all.

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