Sunday, October 11, 2020

How you flowin ?

  1. What is Flow?

    Put simply, it’s a state of mind you achieve when you’re fully immersed in a task, forgetting about the outside world.
  2. When you’re in the state of Flow, you:

    • are completely focused on the task at hand;
    • forget about yourself, about others, about the world around you;
    • lose track of time;
    • feel happy and in control; and
    • become creative and productive.

    One thing I love about Flow is that it takes the very Zen concept of being completely in the moment, and applies it to self care and caregiving tasks. It’s a concept I’ve talked a lot about here on Yoga Flava — being in the moment, focusing completely on a single task, and finding a sense of calm and happiness in your yoga practice. Flow is exactly that.

    So ... How you flowin?

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