Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Black Men Revolutionize The Yoga Mat

Yes, black men practice Yoga and these two men have taken their time and resources to revolutionize the Yoga mat.  Giovanni Villa and Bemnet Kibreab met in Yoga class and knew that a better Yoga mat was needed, thus began the journey for Maji Sports™

Maji Sports™ is a company focused on innovating and selling research based performance gear for Yoga Athletes.  They believe that Yoga is a sport and people who practice yoga are Athletes.  Yoga Athletes require functional gear to reach peak performance. Maji Sports™ has spent millions of dollars in Research & Development and worked with an Orthopedic Surgeon, Physical Therapist and Yoga Athletes to develop the revolutionary Patent Pending MajiMat™.  The Patent Pending MajiMat™ is designed to provide superior support, cushioned protection and to minimize knee injuries.

The traditional yoga mat, which has not fundamentally changed in decades, has many short comings and is inadequate when it comes to providing protection from demanding poses and poses that puts significant stress on knees, joints and bones.  The yoga mats that exist in the market today have not been designed to provide ergonomic cushioning and protection from potential injuries.  For too long yoga athletes have interrupted their flow by skipping poses, rolling a towel or folding their mats to minimize pain and to avoid injuries.  Prolonged practice without appropriate protection for bones and joints can lead to long-term injuries.  
Co-founder, Giovanni Villa, gives details about the benefits of the Maji Sports,  Mat on this Yoga Flava Video Snack:

“Yoga has stretched far beyond its meditative, baggy-sweats roots to become a fashionable lifestyle pursuit appealing as much to competitive marathon runners and college students as it does to om-chanting meditators.” - The New York Times  

Today Yoga is practiced by 12-15 million people in the United States and many of these people are trying yoga for the first time and adding the practice of yoga to their weekly exercise routines.  We at Maji Sports™ understand the Yoga Athletes of today and our mission is to design performance yoga products that allow Yoga Athletes to perform and provide the right support and protection to.  Yoga is a lifestyle that will improve and contribute to a long healthy life and now with the MajiMat™ you can have happy knees, avoid injuries and focus on your flow while practicing yoga.  

At Maji Sports™ believes that all human beings and businesses have the responsibility to care for the environment and to contribute to a better world for the generations to come.  Maji Sports™ is committed to eco and socially conscious business.  Because they believe that entrepreneurship is one of the great ways to fulfill one's dream and improve the community, we plan to use a portion of our sales to provide micro-loans to entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries and donate to charity.  On our micro-loan project we will be working through to provide loans to entrepreneurs worldwide.  

They choose the name Maji because it means “water” in Swahili, and water is life and we strongly believe that all human beings should have access to clean drinking water.  Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water.  Unsafe water and a lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all disease and kill more people than all forms of violence, including war.  We want to do our share to change that, so we will donate a portion of our sales to Charity Water and Water Wells for Africa, in turn, helping improve the quality of life for millions.


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