Monday, August 22, 2011

You Can Create What You Want!

The beginning of the week should be a time of excitement for all the possibilities that a new week represents. With a sense of focus and purpose, you can create what you want.

AFFIRMATION FOR TODAY: I Am An Unlimited Being.  I Can Create What I Want.

Be patient and joyful with the process.  Cultivate a sense of ease for the process, the journey, to allow what you want to flow into your life.

One day at a time or even break it down to one minute at a time.  Move toward your goals with clarity and calm.

A yoga practice helps to release some of the unconscious tension that gets held in the body so that you can experience life with a greater sense of ease to create what you want.

Enjoy today's Yoga Flava Video Snack - Hip Openers

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Sending positive vibes - - - Robin

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