Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tips To Recreate Your Resolutions - Late Winter Wellness

This winter has been a whirl wind for me.  Filled with unexpected events and transitions that gave me reason to pause and recreate my New Year's resolutions.  At this point, on the east coast, it has been a pretty mild winter.  I started off the new year encouraging a lot of self care for winter wellness.  With these remaining weeks of the season, here are some tips to wind down from winter before we prepare for spring.  Continue to nurture yourself and fill up your inner strength so that you can be full to bloom into spring.

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New Year’s resolutions for weight loss are mostly doomed to fail.  Trying to lose weight in winter is the hardest, and most unnatural, time of year to reduce your calorie intake.  The human body naturally tries to keep weight on in the winter as a survival technique.

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Your body goes through seasonal changes just like trees, plants, and hibernating animals. The human body uses calories to keep us warm and naturally holds onto fat to help us weather the freezing weather. Since calories = heat = winter survival, eating gives your body the fuel it needs to protect itself from cold winds, frigid temperatures.

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Limiting your calorie intake in the winter flips an invisible switch that triggers your body’s natural survival mechanisms to store fuel like a squirrel hiding nuts.  The crazy part is, restricting your food intake starting January 1st can actually cause your body to create more fat storage.

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So wait until springtime for a real cleansing and calorie restriction program. Honor your human nature and give your body the calories it needs to get through winter successfully.

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February is a great time to recreate your Resolution about food, supplements and health: Decide to transform your menus into natural, real meals filled with whole foods and seasonal ingredients. Get acquainted with whole grains, beans, seasonal veggies from your area, nuts, seeds, and sea vegetables. Create a new habit of including whole grains, beans, and steamed leafy greens at least twice a day. Use the seasonal produce available in your area to bring balance and energy to your body while you remove the junky, processed, and packaged foods this winter.

By changing the quality of your meals, rather than focusing on the quantity of calories and restricting yourself during this season, you can create a total body transformation that will give you the energy you need to make big changes to your weight in the spring when cleansing and reducing is more appropriate. The cool thing is this: when you start shifting your foods to be natural and high-quality, your weight will slowly start reducing on its own! But not in a forced, deprivation style. You’ll get balanced. Your energy will be better. You’ll sleep better and have an easier time kicking caffeine and sugar cravings.

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