Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yoga Flava Challenge: Strike A Heart Healthy Pose: Feel Rich Goes Red Campaign

As the spokeswoman for the Feel Rich Goes Red Campaign in association with America Goes Red Challenge, through Feb. 28. 

Show Us Your Red! 
Yoga Flava Challenge
Strike A Heart Healthy Pose

Requesting Yoga Flava Playas to strike a heart healthy pose wearing red.   I will accept the picture if it is just heart healthy that you may have in your archives - otherwise, join the American Heart Associations' awareness campaign by wearing red.

Check out this week's episode of Yoga Flava TV with Robin Downes and Sharon Bonilla:  Yoga Flava Challenge!

Suggested heart healthy (Heart Chakra) Poses:
 - Cobra
 - Camel
 - Fish
 - Backbend (Wheel)
 - Partner Yoga (Put a little love in your heart)
 - - Suggest your own pose.

In the description you must:
1.  Say why the pose is heart healthy, 
2.  State the status of your own heart health
3.  State what is your heartfelt desire.
4.  Why your heartfelt desire and / or heart health makes you feel rich.

Submit your picture via an inbox message on the Yoga Flava Facebook Page and/ or email the picture to

The pose with the most “Likes” receives a FREE private yoga session with me via Skype or in-person!  

Entries photos will be featured:
1. On the Yoga Flava Facebook page.
2. In the Feel Rich Goes Red photo album on Facebook.

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