Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Develop Prosperity Consciousness For A Solid Financial Plan

Do you allow yourself to feel prosperous?
I focus on developing my prosperity consciousness with meditation and affirmations such as "my selfworth and networth are growing" on a daily basis. Just like the physical well being that comes from a consistent Yoga practice, I see how the same principles apply to prosperity consciousness and peace of mind for financial well being. It is all about being conscious, tuned in and comfortable about your mind set to design a financial plan.

Are you enjoying your financial journey?
Let go of fear and worry by counting your blessings - even if it is the simple blessings of being alive to figure out your finances. You have the power to create your future and it is important to align yourself with co-creators that get you. I highly recommend the financial planning team at SUM180. SUM180 Plans are personalized for you, and designed to help you right now, whether you're just getting started, starting over, or well on your way.

Are you ready to feel better about your finances by focusing on 3 steps?
Only three steps. You focus just on your three most important next steps at a time. This approach is empowering for most, but especially for those of us who have been "tuned out" of our financial picture for a period of time.
What makes Sum 180 different from the other financial institutions that I have been involved with in the past is that they cater to women and pose the question... Ready To Feel Better?
I feel so much better now that I have a plan and a support system in place. The best part is because SUM180 Plan is subscription-based, when my circumstances recently changed, due to a job loss, I was able to create a new Plan for FREE. This is a great benefit within my subscription year.

What makes you feel prosperous?
My favorite motto is Health is Wealth - pace yourself and enjoy the journey - to feel rich. Yes, you can pace yourself with prosperity consciousness and enjoy focusing on your financial planning with a support.
SUM180 offers a community for prosperity conscious users, unfiltered. This is a unique community forum where users can support one another in their plans.

Why would a personalized financial plan help you right now?
Yup, right now! I know I kept putting off looking at my finances due to a horrible hardship during the economic recession of 2008. I was so delighted to know that the steps I took since 2008 were in the right direction and SUM180 provided me with personalized suggestions on how to secure my finances in the future. As youthful as my Yoga keeps me, financial planning for my senior years will allow that vitality to shine brightly.

Ready for a trustworthy financial planning introductory offer ?
SUM180 never accepts money from anyone for its recommendations to you. You'll always know that the advice you receive is focused on your best interests, not on selling you products or services you don't need.
I wanted to share this special introductory offer with my Yoga Flava family, the first 200 clients who register and complete their online interview will receive a $129 rebate on a $129 SUM180 subscription. That means you could get your SUM180 plan for FREE! Click here now to visit the SUM180 community forums and read what clients are saying about the service.
This post has been sponsored by SUM180. I was provided with product at no charge to sample in exchange for my review. The options expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with SUM180 and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

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