Friday, February 12, 2016

Sensual Healing with Yoga and Skin Care

THIS YOGA EVENT IS CANCELLED. Please contact robin@yogaflava for interest in Yoga sessions.

February is the month of LOVE!  
Here is an affirmation to sync your spirit with the season - At least three times a day, stand with your arms open wide and say: "I am willing to let the love in. It is safe to let the love in."
Self-care to share! 
Join instructor Robin Downes of Yoga Flava at Harlem Skin and Laser Clinic as we call on Cupid, the icon of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection!

Join the Yoga workshop and take advantage of some great skincare package deals.
(Singles and Couples Welcomed):

1. Sensual Healing Yoga Flava Workshop (Saturday, February 27th, 11am - 1pm)
Join instructor Robin Downes of Yoga Flava, as she guides you on a spiritually sensual healing journey through your energy centers (chakras). This session will uplift the body’s root energy and sacral energy to the heart energy and then to the third eye for right decisions through intuition.
An easy-going, free flowing, meditative session that gets you in touch with the subtle essence of your sensual energy. Based on the ancient teachings of The Kama Sutra (“Kama” is love and “Sutra” is teaching) – The Art Of Love. Also the eastern teachings of Tantra (A spiritual method or system that takes into account the “inner” and “outer” realities)

Take the time to cultivate a state of being that opens your heart with a sequence of Yoga Poses. Releases your body from unconscious blockages with ancient moves to contemporary grooves. Once your heart and body is open you can begin the journey that leads to an invitation to intimacy.
Workshop $20.00
2. PACKAGE: "Vajacial" with Workshop
Ultimate love for your "muff"! Restorative treatment AFTER Brazilian wax or laser that lightens, soothes or gets rid of ingrown hairs. The 5 step process involves a cleanse, exfoliation extraction, mask and much needed moisture.

Special Package $95.00  (Vajacial Scheduled Separately From Workshop once payment is received)
3. PACKAGE:  Facial with Workshop
Relax and refresh and extraordinary treatment to nourish, strengthen and maintain a youthful appearance.
Special Package $115.00  (Facial Scheduled Separately From Workshop once payment is received)

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