Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yoga Flava at the Dwight School Athletic Center NYC

Dwight School, one of Manhattan’s oldest independent schools, is delighted to introduce Robin Downes' Yoga Flava as part of thier sports and fitness programs for adults living in the community where the new, world-class Athletic Center is based. 
Robin Downes'  Yoga Flava,  a hip holistic hatha yoga practice, which will be an excellent compliment to this newly renovated upper east side adult fitness facility.  The Athletic Center, located at the East River Landing complex at 2116 First Avenue, between 108th and109th Streets will host Yoga Flava sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and Wednesday nights at 6pm. $15.00 per session for non-members.
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NEW Yoga Flava Sanctuary at the Dwight School Athletic Center
The Dwight School Athletic Center also featurs a six-lane indoor pool, two roof-top tennis courts, and a gym, along with fitness and exercise rooms, our 40,000-square-foot center is the perfect place to enjoy the benefits of exercise and maintain an active lifestyle.
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