Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Fresh Start 2015 with Yoga Flava and Radha Ruiz - 6 Week Series - Sign Up Here

Take the time to align with the new season - Fall Fresh Start 2015!
If you enjoyed the introduction, then sign up for our 6 week course.
You will be taught safe alignment and proper breathing in each pose so that you can continue to experience the benefits of yoga with a consistent practice to enrich your overall wellness.
Saturdays at 11am:
9/26 - Go With The Flow / Breath Awareness
10/3 - Introduction To Sun Salutations
10/10 - It's All In The Hips
10/17 - Laid Back
10/24 - Upside Down / Inversions
10/31 - Full Flow Class / Incorporating all the sessions.

Drop in $15.00
For Private One on One or Group Private email:

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  1. I simply need to say that this post surprised me and for all great reasons. You will be on my most loved's rundown starting now and into the foreseeable future. International yoga day in india