Thursday, October 11, 2012

Robin Downes Shares Fitness Secrets In Heart and Soul Magazine

The following is an excerpt from the "Heart and Soul" Magazine article entitled "Fitness Secrets of Celebrity Trainers."

Working at warp speed in the entertainment industry, Robin Downes became stressed out. When she turned to yoga to relax, she found a new career helping stressed-out entertainers. Her clients have included Russell Simmons, Lisa Raye McCoy and Steve Harvey, who hired her to work one of his golf tournaments.

Steve Harvey and Robin Downes
 “Having the ability to relax gives you the ease to be dynamic,” Downes says. Her Yoga Flava brand mixes “ancient moves with contemporary grooves” and helps celebrities unlock tensions they unknowingly hold in their bodies.


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  1. Thanks for your Fitness secrets sharing through this site. after searching few site i came across your site giving some better information, can you tell how to maintain the body structure? pls mail me thanks ...

    1. Your welcome Vimala, I provide private personalized sessions via Skype. Please email me for more details at:

  2. Congratulations on the article Robin! You gave great tips and your picture is beautiful.