Saturday, March 17, 2012

Embrace Spring (Vernal) Equinox Energy

This year the spring equinox arrives on Tuesday, March 20th and is one of the four great solar festivals of the year. Day and night are equal, poised and balanced, but about to tip over on the side of light. The spring equinox is sacred to dawn, youth, the morning star and the east. The Saxon goddess, Eostre (from whose name we get the direction East and the holiday Easter) is a dawn goddess, like Aurora and Eos. Just as the dawn is the time of new light, so the vernal equinox is the time of new life.

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On March 20th the season changes with the spring Equinox, which heralds a time of new ideas and innovation. Certain cultures celebrated this time as New Year.

At Creative Chakra Spa - Tune in your energy to this seasonal transition, with Angie Kane from Pranjnaparamita Buddhist Centre. She will guide us in a special Spring Equinox Meditation.

Om Ah Hum Meditation- This special breathing meditation improves our health, and strengthens our life force and give us a balanced peaceful mind.

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If you can't make it out to Creative Chakra Spa in Marina Del Rey, California you can join me with this Yoga Flava Video Snack:  Guided Meditation 

 The retreat is customized so e-mail me to let me know you are interested and we will design a package that caters to your needs and your budget.

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